The Do's & Don'ts of Facebook's EdgeRank

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the fuss coming from brands complaining about the drop in their organic reach when it comes to content and have read all the articles showing you how to maximize your reach organically. Well, here comes the truth, it does NOT work as often and that’s a fact! But, take a deep breath and relax because it is not the end of the world.

So, let’s set things straight; if you are present on Facebook then you surely care about all the action your content is receiving whether it is shares, likes or comments yet you need to keep one thing in mind, if your reach dropped that does not mean you are not reaching people who are interested in your content but just those who don’t often interact with your brand. That’s where Edge Rank comes strolling in flaunting its power along with Facebook ads which, by the way, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on!

So, what can you do to maximize your reach if you do not have a lavishing budget to spend on ads? Let’s break it down to 3 steps:


1. Understand How Facebook’s EdgeRank really works.

The average user spends more than a quarter of his/her time checking the News Feed. For brands, this is their chance to appeal to users, grab their attention and “WOW” them.
So what is Edge Rank exactly? It is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine where and what posts appear on each user’s newsfeed and that’s when the magic happens. The three variables that will determine your brand’s exposure are:

Facebook Edgerank Algorithm

  • Affinity: Users that interact mostly with your brand will receive your updates on their news feed.
  • Weight: Different types of posts carry different weights. The higher the weight the higher the score. Meaning, photos/video posts are the heaviest followed by links then plain text updates.
  • Time Decay: As a post ages, it continuously loses value. So posting updates frequently is a must.


2. How To Improve Your Facebook Page’s EdgeRank?

  • Keep it short: Users don’t want to read a full article on their newsfeed; they’re there for a quick update. Posts between 100 and 250 characters receive 60% more engagement than posts over 250 characters.
  • Go visual: Content accompanied by visuals gets between 100% and 180% more engagement than just plain texts. Make yourself fun, colorful and appealing.
  • Bond with your fan base: Ask them questions in an interactive way such as “pick your favorite”, “fill in the blanks” or “guess the right answer”. This will bring 90% more engagement than the average post.
  • Be interesting but not too clingy: No one wants to be in an obsessive and pushy relationship! Posts related to your brand but not flaunting it 24/7 perform best. If you are a bakery shop for example, post about recipes and baking tips while visually displaying your product.
  • Post Frequently: Around 96% of your fans are not going back to your page so make sure you post more often to reach out to them. If you are not there you will be forgotten.
  • Time Management: Start by testing out different times to post over a one month period and see during which time your engagement is the highest then go with the flow.

3. Know What To Promote.

Minimize your spending by playing smart! What most marketers fail to explain to you is that when you actually create posts that are interesting, you increase your engagement level hence increasing your chances to attain good results.

To make it simpler, the more engaging the content you are generating (tempting fans to like, comments and/or share) the higher your rank. So go for promoting the engaging posts on your page rather than those that are brand related. Why?

If you make an effort to build up your engagement and reach with your non-promotional posts, when you do promote, those non-promotional posts get a free ride into the news feed.

Good stuff, right?

Article by Melissa Moussa

Melissa Moussa joined MediaCom UAE in June 2014 as Social Media Manager to manage the ever-expanding social properties of our clients. Being a social media fanatic, she is a very good online investigator, has an obsession with the sea, enjoys water sports and takes pride in her all-consuming OCD skills.